Au Fil de L'Eau

This is about drawing the visual links between two watery places Kerala, India and Southern France. A reminder of environmental justice, that both of these places are fragile and need to be preserved and that those of us who live in the western hemisphere have a skewed view, by living in a place less impacted by our polluting ways.

It is rather easy today to not feel directly concerned by the consequences of climate change when they happen far from home...

France and the USA are parts of the more temperate zone of the Northern hemisphere, therefore denial of the direct repercussions of our overconsumption and pollution on the Southern hemisphere.
How ironic that those who pollute the most are the least concerned by the first most catastrophic second hand effects...

When I learned the magical setting for our honeymoon in Kerala in the South of India, suffered extreme flooding, most likely exacerbated by climate change a light bulb went off over my head. To unite my art pieces which represent the “Thau” Bassin and those of the Backwaters in Kerala, South India.

The theme of this series is called "Au fil de l'eau". A parallel is easily drawn through a common esthetic between these two special places. I hope through this parallel to bring them together symbolically in our minds.

Our actions have repercussions everywhere on the planet. The almost worldwide confinement did give a pause and chance to think about how we can do better. Polluted cities such as Mexico City are thinking how to keep their newly found blue skies... But it is just a beginning for the earth overshoot day 2020 was only delayed by three weeks to the 22nd of August 2020 due to the Coronavirus. This is our chance to make lasting change...

On the technical emotional side of this series; water also spoke to me esthetically. Everything began at the beginning of last summer when I stood waist deep in the Mediterranean and had the impression I was seeing water for the first time through painters eyes. I saw the different levels that need to be expressed to show both the depth and movement at the same time.

To express this inspiration I experimented and created my own method with (charcoal, rubber cement, ink, acrylics etc...)

Deeply dedicated to environmental and social issues, as well as being in love with India, I am still looking for an Indian or international non-profit that intelligently fights climate change locally. 15% of my earnings from this series will go to them. I would love to get suggestions on this front.

I hope you will enjoy this show and please give me feedback, questions and sales questions via the contact page.