The Covid-19 Notebook

On my 19th day of confinement in the context of the Covid-19 I decided to start a Notebook with a poetic goal for a work on paper per day.
I dug into all the old inspirations and had been keeping for "a rainy day" or "later" and found new ones from the present context. Later is now!
This work has felt important, in this singular historic moment I did a work on paper for the 3 main continents : Asia, the Americas and Europe as we are all in confinement. It is a unique moment for unity as we have all been "sent to our room to think as it were", for laying aside racism and stereotypes related to nationality. To re-imagine a more unified tomorrow.Also through these pages recognizing our inherent unity with the natural world. As we give the earth a breath of fresh air because we have retreated to save ourselves, we reflect on how we can tread more lightly. It helps to fall in love with its beauty to remember why we should tread lightly in the first place!
It has also felt important in my own creative journey, blurring the lines between the use of different mediums bringing in more collage and ink as well as written word. Exploring still lifes for the first time...The concept of inner freedom has also come up alot. As we are imposed the lack of liberty to go where we please outdoors I have had to express and explore my inner freedom. Also the opportunity to pay a tribute to some of the artists that inspire me : Paul Klee, HOKUSAi...
And feeling more intuned with my true and unique artistic fingerprint.
The mere fact of limiting the creation time to one day in this context has been liberating and has helped be in the now, increasing quality creation time, and limiting over planning, the inner self-critic and overworking a piece. It has created space for more raw spontaneity.