Here, there and Everywhere

Through these pieces that travel always to the south from Montpellier, through Spain to Morocco, the sun increases in intensity and colors take on its glow. through these paintings I tried to push further in my impressionism, in bigger proportions of my pieces and brighter colors.
When I began this series I didn't yet know I was pregnant and ended up doing exactly 9 new paintings. When I can I have made this a tradition.

I often evoked in this series through the photos and painting the passage, the passage of darkness to light, of the unknown to hope. For whether it is disease or other unknowns that obscures our paths, to keep the essential optimism one must tell one-selves that this dark passage is necessary to appreciate so much more the coming light. That hope is only brighter in comparison and happiness even more glorious. Like sun-rays that penetrate shadow. This unknown blackness is also mystery, which can be beautiful such as what will my child face be like? One of the mysteries that awaited me...