The "Au fil de l'Eau"
online art show
at the “Petit Troc” restaurant&bar

The “Petit Troc” is a compulsory stop in the Villeneuve-Les-Maguelone seaside and lagoon-side village in the South of France. In this place that rhymes with conviviality you can eat and drink very well :). Their menu reflects their values: local, fresh, healthy and tasty too. The decor is artsy; relaxed with a vintage and cultural touch (you can even buy books there).

My first art show there in 2015 was a revelation; since the walls have stayed authentic there are several ambiances of colors and textures. In this way when I hung up my art I could match each piece to its surroundings.

Being that one of my themes in my art is natural texture; the effect of the combination was synchronistic. While preparing the series “Au fil de l’Eau” I already had the “Petit troc” in mind within my artistic process.

Anna Fombuena's photograph of the Petit Troc
Photograph by Kai Lewis of Shoshana Den-Macker arriving at the
The herbal tea shelf at the Petit Troc
Terrace and pre-convid-19 outside view of the Petit Troc
Photographie retouché de Shoshana Den-Macker en plien accrochage de ses oeuvres au Petit Troc par Kai Lewis copyright 2015
Photograph of the artist's silhouette while hanging her work in the Petit Troc by Kai Lewis copyright 2015
Trip advisor image of the Petit Troc
A couch-side cozy inside view of the Petit Troc